How To Wear Red Lipstick – TWO Looks

Hi Hi! 😀

The Red Lipstick has become a VERY popular lip color.  Here is my video to show you two different ways to wear it!

“Casual” Look

**For a more casual, everyday look, you want to keep it simple and balanced.  Instead of wearing regular foundation, I used a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF.  I paired a matte brown eyeshadow and a shimmery golden brown eyeshadow to go with my red lips.

TIP #1: ALWAYS make sure you moisturize your lips first with a lip balm.  You do not want dry and flaky red lips.

Tip #2: Using your finger, dab the lipstick first and then apply it onto your lips.  This will give you more control over how intense you want your lips to be.  (This is extremely helpful if you are new to red lipstick :D)

TIP #3: Don’t forget to blot!

Products I Used:

“A Night Out” Look

**Since you’re going out, you definitely want a look that’s more attention grabbing…something that will turn heads perhaps.  I suggest wearing darker colors on the eyes, like a seductive smokey eye.  Here, I paired a metallic dark grey eyeshadow and a metallic black eyeshadow to go with my red pout.

TIP #4: When you want to achieve a more intense red lip, don’t forget the lip pencil and lip brush!  The pencil will help prevent smudging and feathering, and the brush will help get the lipstick color into all the areas of your lips.

Products I Used:

I hope my video has encouraged you to try out one of these looks, because you too can pull off the Red Lipstick! 😀

Thanks for your comments.

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