Children Senbei (Allergy-Friendly Japanese Snack)

Today I want to share with you a Japanese snack that my son, Lucas, loves!  The name of it is Okosama Senbei (お子様せんべい).  It is ‘Senbei for Children’ and is produced by the company Iwatsuka Seika.  If you don’t know what senbei is, it is a Japanese rice cracker.  This particular kind is suitable for kids that are 7 months and older, made of 100% Japanese rice, and contains NO MSG.  It has been a long selling snack that everyone enjoys!  To be honest, I find myself eating this as well.

I discovered this snack at my local Mitsuwa store where the children snacks are located.  It was $2.69 for a pack of 8.  I am not sure if all Mitsuwa stores carry this product, but you can always ask a store worker at your local Mitsuwa.  I tend to buy a couple of packages at a time when they are in stock because they sell out quickly.

Since Lucas is allergic to eggs, milk, tree nuts, and peanuts, Lucas is able to eat this!


Also, the packaging is super cute, like most Japanese products!  Lucas loves naming the different animals.

Below are a few images of the snack, not to mention a picture of Lucas munching away!


I am always looking for new allergy-friendly snacks for Lucas, so if you know of any yummy ones to try, please let me know in the comments below!

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