Children Senbei (Allergy-Friendly Japanese Snack)

Today I want to share with you a Japanese snack that my son, Lucas, loves!  The name of it is Okosama Senbei (お子様せんべい).  It is ‘Senbei for Children’ and is produced by the company Iwatsuka Seika.  If you don’t know what senbei is, it is a Japanese rice cracker.  This particular kind is suitable for kids that are 7… Continue reading Children Senbei (Allergy-Friendly Japanese Snack)


Life Update – February 2016

Hello! Sorry for my long hiatus! A lot has happened these past couple of years…like me becoming a stay at home mom!  In September of 2014, my husband and I welcomed our son, Lucas, into the world…and it has been non-stop ever since. Because of this life change, I have decided to do a blog… Continue reading Life Update – February 2016