Quick Tip: ‘Velcro’ Hair Tape


Today I have a QUICK TIP  to share with you…about one of my MUST HAVE beauty tools! 🙂

Product Mentioned:

‘Velcro’ Hair Tape

In Japanese it’s called ‘Maegami Tomeru’ and its English translation is ‘to fix your bangs into place.’

This is an awesome product that will help hold your bangs back when you apply make-up or wash your face.  And the best part about it is that it doesn’t ruin your hair after taking it out (unlike bobby pins and hair clips that leave indents in your hair, which i DISLIKE).

You can get this ‘Velcro Hair Tape’ from ebay for just a couple of bucks, and it comes in a pack of two!

I actually use this a couple times a day, and couldn’t imagine my beauty routine without it!

And just out of curiosity…what is a MUST HAVE beauty tool for you?? 😛

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