HI! 😀

I hope you had an AMAZING time ringing in the New Year with loved ones!  I’m incredibly thankful for everything that happened in 2011 and excited for what’s to come this year!

I received the NARS Hanamichi Eyeshadow Palette from my sister this Christmas and couldn’t wait to do a Review and Tutorial for you!


Products I Used:

**Along with the beautiful floral palette, it includes a small ‘Kabuki’ brush**

In case you didn’t know, Hanamichi means ‘flower path’ in Japanese.

Hanamichi Eyeshadow Palette Colors

  • Gold – gorgeous color, but not as pigmented as the other eyeshadows
  • Black – can be used as an eyeshadow or liner
  • Red – depending on how intense you want the red eyeshadow to be, it is buildable
  • Whitea bit shimmery, good for highlighting

Small ‘Kabuki’ Brush

  • small brush but easy to hold and use
  • picks up color from the palette well

**other eyeshadow brushes don’t work too well in terms of picking up the color, should definitely use the brush that is included with the palette

Overall, I am happy with this eyeshadow palette and I love the colors.  I am extremely attracted to the detailing of its beautiful floral design.  I also like how I can mix and match the colors to get various looks, different from my normal brown / neutral eyeshadow palettes.

Thanks so much for reading! 😀

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