REVLON – Emerald City

It is now mid-December and winter is practically here.  During this colder season, I absolutely love pairing Green with Gold…maybe my inspiration comes from Christmas Trees and Ornaments. 😀

Here, I paired REVLON’s Emerald City (Matte Suede) nail polish with a gold leaf bracelet from Banana Republic.  I like how REVLON nail polishes are great quality products, but also budget-friendly!  Who doesn’t love that?? When I first saw this color in the store, I was attracted to its beautiful shade of green and the bits of glitter in it.  However, I was oblivious to the words ‘Matte Suede’ written across the bottle.  I thought that this color would have turned out a bit brighter and more sparkly, but I ended up not liking the finish as much as I thought I would.  However, after putting on a top coat of Orly’s SEC ‘N DRY, the color turned out to be perfect!  It became a nice glossy emerald-green.



This Banana Republic bracelet was one of my Black Friday buys (not sure if they still have it in stock). Although it was too big on me, I couldn’t pass it up.  It’s antique gold color and leaf-like design drew me in…not to mention its great construction and quality of material!  The width of the bracelet is perfect on me.  It isn’t too chunky or heavy, so I don’t need to worry that I might knock someone’s eye out when I raise my arm.  After my husband removed a few links for me, it was just the right size. 😀

I love how the emerald-green polish and antique gold bracelet are perfect complements.  The gold adds a touch of elegance and brings out the richness and vibrancy of the green.  I think these colors are perfect for winter and could also be great wedding colors!  I would wear these two items with earth-tone colors (like browns and dark beige) and turquoise blue.

Other possible pairings to consider:

– Black pants, emerald-green blouse, gold-colored clutch / necklace / earrings / bracelet

– Emerald green dress, gold-colored clutch / shoes / earrings

(Celebrity Examples: Angelina Jolie (in Versace) and Mila Kunis (in Vera Wang) at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards) – They looked absolutely gorgeous in Emerald Green!

What I’m Wearing

Green Nail Polish :: REVLON’s Emerald City

Gold Bracelet :: Banana Republic

Turquoise Ring :: Forever 21

Thanks for your comments.

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