Beauty Swap Challenge 2012

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a great time ringing in the New Year!!…with loved ones and yummy food of course! ^_^ Last month, I had the honor of doing a Beauty Swap Challenge with Anna from ProjectAZrunway! It was the first Beauty Swap Challenge for the both of… Continue reading Beauty Swap Challenge 2012


Fall Outfit – Stripes, Boots, & Knit Cardigan

Hi!! It has been gorgeous weather here in Chicago. 😀  Except for the occasional rain, temperatures have been in the 40’s and 50’s the past few weeks.  To some of you it might seem unbearably cold, but for Chicagoans, it is considered decent Fall weather. 😛 I absolutely love Fall (except for seasonal allergies of… Continue reading Fall Outfit – Stripes, Boots, & Knit Cardigan


REVLON – Emerald City

It is now mid-December and winter is practically here.  During this colder season, I absolutely love pairing Green with Gold…maybe my inspiration comes from Christmas Trees and Ornaments. 😀 Here, I paired REVLON’s Emerald City (Matte Suede) nail polish with a gold leaf bracelet from Banana Republic.  I like how REVLON nail polishes are great quality products, but… Continue reading REVLON – Emerald City